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After you have successfully submitted your application at one of the Visa Application Centres, we will take care to inform you about every movement with SMS service (if you purchased the optional service when you submitted your application).

Also, you may like to check the status of your application on the website personally.

The third option is to dial our call-centre number. Please be prepared to tell your receipt number and date of birth.

Having made sure that your passport is received by the Visa Application Centre, you can collect it in person.

In order to collect documents which have arrived at the Visa Application Centre from the Embassy please take your receipt with you. If you have submitted documents on behalf of somebody else, please take appropriate letter of authority also.

Minors (applicants, under 18 years old) cannot submit or collect their applications without their parents or legal guardians. To submit and receive documents for the minor applicants, parents (guardians) must provide an original birth certificate or proof of guardianship fact.